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中学生英语演讲稿:I believe my dream

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  i believe my dream 我相信我的梦想

  hello good evening everyone!my name is ....


  i’m so happy that i can be admitted by my dreamed school. the new campus gives me a new start so i have a dream that the future me can rise out this small world and hold a place of myself, after several years’ experience .


  in order to make this dream come true, i ask myself not only focus my attention on studies ,because i should face all the society not only my textbooks or my classmates.


  i think college is also a small society where i can improve myself .for example i should learn how to get along with other though i may dislike them ,or how to deal with things that i used regard as worthless and so on..


  then i sincerely hope i can find my true friends so that we can struggle for our dreams together!


  although every thing is unforeseeable, i believe my dream will come true as long as i stick to them and never give up!


  finally , i’d like to conclude by thanking everyone who has worked so hard to make this address possible. thank you!